“I am aware that am a mortal, I am not perfect. History will judge me one day, but until then all I ask for is your support.

I did not choose this path on my own. She imposed herself on me. God alone knows what He’s doing.

I will strive to get to the end, but if I die before reaching our goal, do continue the project without me and lay the groundwork for change with my blood and my flesh.No sacrifice is so much for this country.

I am not Thomas Sankara, nor Jerry Rawlings. I am Assimi Goïta. Remember me as a reformer not a revolutionary. Remember me as the bearer of hope to the people, the one who came when your blood was shed for your desire for change.
I will go to the end of my mission. I will never betray your trust.

Death doesn’t scare me, I saw it every day on the battlefield, it’s failure that scares me.

If death marries me on the way to our target, do not mourn me. Don’t make my grave a sanctuary. I did what I thought was right for my country. I did it for me but I did it for you too.

I am Assimi, the man who smiles every day with death.”

I just finished reading through….

Please Natives, humbly, I am not waking up the sleeping dog to bark back but just expressing my discomfort about what happened on the platform.

Firstly, I condemn some of the comments posted on the platform outrightly for uncertain and unfortunate choice of words used, on behalf of all, i send our unqualified apology to noble members.

Honestly, am extremely in shock still why my able Majesty @⁨OKATAKYI DAMFO BAAH VII⁩ couldn’t condemn the act of the Honorable member, Mad. Evelyn on her post, if that condemnation was done quickly, i dont believe the eyebrow wouldn’t have been raised to that extent for the honorable member to take such a french leave from the platform.

Nana couldn’t rise swiftly to condemn the act of her post which was political in my view and that generated into such heated arguments because there have been so many times, Nana quickly jump to condemn and instructed for immediate removal or deletion of any post that is associated with politics because of what politics has done to our town, to that extent, some have even faced eviction on the page, so my harmless question to my majesty is, why some are immediately cautioned but Hon. Evelyn was absolutely different, ”Just go by the ethics.we shall do the needful please”, and up to date, Nana haven’t even yawn 🥱 about it.

Though am still disappointed, i still believe in him to do the ”needful” as we patiently wait for the ”needful” message from our majesty, ”what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

We must all remain humble and most patient without any retaliation please.

No bad energy.
Have an ecstasy Sunday.

Before Hammer Of The Last Two we had this gentleman who was putting young

Before Hammer Of The Last Two we had this gentleman who was putting young people on musically like Sonni Balli and the Gee Life , Ex Doe ,Samini , Nana Queen , Shy of Nkasei, Kokovelli, Gogome now Mugees of R2Bees etc

First producer to own a signature in the game in 1998 “Ashanti International” “Oye Hu Scaaary!”

First Producer/Sound Engineer to work with ProTools software before anyone else in GH


One of first Ghanaian musicians to have worked with Tupac Shakur in 1994

He do some !!!!! He deserves his flowers for sure ❤️❤️❤️

The Ghana Police Service is the main law enforcement agency of Ghana. The service is under the control of the Ghanaian Ministry of the Interior and employs over 30,000 officers across its 651 stations.

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:

The Ghana Police Service operates in twelve divisions: ten covering the ten regions of Ghana, one assigned specifically to the seaport and industrial hub of Tema, and the twelfth being the Railways, Ports, and Harbours Division. An additional division, the Marine Police Unit, exists to handle issues that arise from the country’s offshore oil and gas industry.

The current head of the Ghana Police Service is Inspector General of Police (IGP) James Oppong-Boanuh. For each of the regional police divisions, there is a Regional Commander who is in charge of all operational and administrative functions under his jurisdiction. In direct operational matters, the Regional Commander furthermore works in tandem with the Regional Operational Commander.

For administrative functions, the Regional Commander is assisted by the Deputy Regional Commander and the Regional Crime Officer. The Deputy Inspector-General of Police is assisted by the Director-General of the Police Administration and supervises the activities of the regional commanders of police.

Apart from the National Police Headquarters, all the regional divisions have subdivisions under them. The aim of this is to decentralize the activities of the regional police force for more effective and flexible.

Special units

Police Drills There are, furthermore, specialized police units in all the regional divisions. The Regional Commander has oversight over these units. These units include;

Motor Transport and Traffic Unit (MTTU)

Highway Patrol Unit (HPU)

Public Affairs Directorate (PAD)

Courts and Prosecution

Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU)

Rapid Deployment Force (RDF)

National Protection Unit (NPU)

Arms and Ammunition

Finance Offices

Audit Offices

Crime Offices

Research, Planning & ICT Offices

Serious Fraud Unit (SFU)

Ghana Crime Unit

Counter Terrorism Unit (C.T.U)

Formed police unit (FPU)

In April 2011, the Ghana Police Service set up a special Marine Police Unit (MPU). The unit has amongst its duties policing operations related to the country’s oil and gas industry,and the handling of offenses contained in the Fisheries Act 2002 and Fisheries Regulations 2011.

The Marine Unit was inaugurated in Takoradi on 21 June 2013 by Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur. The unit operates two 9-meter patrol boats (P1 & P2) and four 6.3-meter rigid inflatable boats (P3, P4, P5 & P6)

See Why Some Hotels Put Paracetamol In Food While Cooking. Don’t Ignore.

Paracetamol is a very famous drug that is taken to relieve pain and reduce fever in the human body.

It is given to patients by medics to treat many conditions like colds, muscle aches, headaches and backache.

Nowadays, a number of hotels in the world put paracetamol in the food that they cook.

The owners of these hotels give reasons that paracetamol makes the meat and beans softer.

They know that people love and prefer soft meat and that there are also other people who have teeth problems who like soft meat.

The owners of these hotels again say that paracetamol in food while cooking decreases the duration of cooking and this saves them a lot of fuel.

Hotels prefer the use of paracetamol to soften meat because of the fact that it is far much affordable.

What these people do not know is that when paracetamol is cooked, it loses its properties to relieve pain and becomes highly acidic and dangerous in the human body.

Despite several warnings by health experts, some hotels are still using paracetamol in food.

Health experts have warned that paracetamol can cause liver and kidney failure.

They have been warned several times that the drug changes in very high temperatures.

It changes from being paracetamol to benzoquin and paraminophino. Benzoquin and paraminophino destroys the kidney of consumers.

They have therefore advised hotels to soak the meat in salted water for about 30 minutes if they want the meat to be softer.