Bisease ABANGYE festival 22 Program Outline..

*Sunday, 3rd July 2022*
✔️Commencement of Abangye Soccer Gala Competition. *Time: 1:00pm*

*Sunday, 31st July, 202*
✔️Nananom Gala Tournament Quarter-Final. *Time: 3:00pm*
✔️Pre-Abangye Prayer Fiesta. *Time: 6:30pm*

*Monday 1st August, 2022.*
✔️Indoor games begin. *Time: 8:00am*
✔️Semi-final Nananom Gala Tournament @ Roman Park. *Time: 1:00pm*

*Tuesday 2nd August, 2022.*
✔️Clean up Exercise.
✔️Tree Planting. *Time: 6:00am*
✔️Youth Forum.  *Time: 3:00pm*

*Wednesday 3rd August 2022*
✔️Health Screening. *Time: 8:00pm*
✔️Indoor Games Continuation. *Time: 3:00pm*

*Thursday, 4th August 2022*
✔️Street Art, Street Dance, Street Rap, Street Riding, Street Volley.  *Time: 8:00pm*
✔️Akwaba Night Float. *Time: 5:00pm*

*Friday, 5th August 2022*
✔️Mpapapim – (Pounding of palm fronds). *Time: 6:00am*
✔️Abangye Durbar. *Time: 12:00pm*
✔️Casting of Asosonsu. *Time: 3:00pm*
✔️ Biztown To The World Street Carnival. *Time: 7:00pm*

*Saturday, 6th August 2022*
✔️Abangye Mega Health Walk. *Time: 5:00am*
✔️Abangye Grand FundRaising Durbar. *Time: 1:00pm*
✔️Abangye LiveBand.  *Time: 7:00pm*

*Sunday, 7th August 2022*
✔️Churches Thanksgiving Service
✔️Nananom Gala Tournament Final Match.  *Time: 2:00pm*
✔️Sunday In-Town Float & Dinner.  *Time: 6:30pm*

*Monday, 8th August 2022*
✔️Brassband Float. *Time: 10:00am*
✔️”Meet Me There” (MMT) Beach. *Time: 7:00am*

*Bisease Abangye to the World*

Running down Akufo-Addo/Bawumia’s government because of IMF Will NOT automatically make you President in 2024—Razak Kojo OpokuBy AmaGhana -July 4,

The Strategy was that, Mahama used the NDC numbers in Parliament in collaboration with some competitors within NPP who sees Dr. Bawumia as a THREAT to their Presidential ambition to frustrate all the revenue mobilization efforts of the government so that Akufo-Addo’s government will have no option than to go to the IMF and when that happens according to their mischievous logical reasoning it will:

Create credibility deficit to the brand of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and members of the Economic Management Team of Akufo-Addo’s Government.
Equalize the argument that both Mahama and Akufo-Addo all went to the IMF for a bailout.
But one thing is certain that majority of Ghanaians can read between the lines that Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is still good material for the Presidency no matter the hatred and scheming against his brand.

As stated earlier, NPP is not against IMF in principle, and also our reasons for seeking IMF in 2022 are completely different from that of John Mahama’s administration in 2015.

Where are the so called braggart NPP’s billionaires and millionaires as the NPP government heading to the IMF for support?

Akufo-Addo’s government would NOT have gone to the IMF at all if the so-called NPP members who claim to be billionaires and millionaires have extended their respective patriotic financial assistance to the Government to deal with the revenue shortfalls for the 2022 Budget.

No one will be allowed to hide behind IMF to run down Akufo-Addo’s Government at the expense of pushing his unrealistic Presidential ambition. For their own integrity, they should rather shut up and cease singing the same songs as John Mahama and NDC.

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Some people have seriously benefitted from the brand and platform of NPP more than they have spent on the party yet they are the ones quickly making ugly noises as if without them NPP will collapse, what an outmoded strategy.

NPP Government shall bounce back stronger after the end of the IMF partnership and certainly, Victory 2024 is assured no matter who leads the party as a Flagbearer for the 2024 general elections.

John Mahama lost in 2016 largely due to incompetence and not as a result of going to the IMF.

I Will Not Worship Your God- Kwesi Pratt Descends On Nana Addo Over National Cathedral

In a fit of rage, Kwesi Pratt spat out some facts and disclosed that the cathedral is irrelevant. He indicated in this declaration that he will not worship the cathedral’s deity for these reasons. Kwesi Pratt has opposed the construction of the cathedral ever since it was first proposed.

He has done his utmost to oppose the cathedral, but it appears that Nana Addo and his pastors are unwilling to behave what Ghanaians do. He disclosed that if there is land on which to construct the cathedral, it should be virgin territory, such as the Achimota Forest and numerous other virgin woods.

Kwesi Pratt declared, “I will not worship your God if your God instructs you to starve his people while you construct him a house.” Kwesi Pratt asserts that it is impossible for the God he was taught to adore in Sunday school to accomplish such a thing.

Abena Korkor Rains Curses On Asamoah Gyan

Watch the full video below 👇👇👇

In this video, then Vice Presidential Candidate Dr Bawumia was waxing lyrical

In this video, then Vice Presidential Candidate Dr Bawumia was waxing lyrical about economic hardship insisting it is due to economic mismanagement and corruption on the part of the government at the time! It will be interesting to know what he thinks of the current economic hardship and what is responsible for it!