◉ Due to the collapse of the health system, we, the health professionals, have prepared this message for the people

➙ Good luck everyone!
It is better to keep these recommendations, prevention is never too much!
• Sit in the sun for 15-20 minutes
• Rest and sleep for at least 7-8 hours.
• Drink 1 and a half liters of water per day
• All food should be hot (not cold).
➙ Keep in mind that the pH of the coronavirus ranges from 5.5 to 8.5.
So all we have to do to eliminate the virus is to eat more alkaline foods, above the acid level of the virus.
◉ Bananas, Lime → 9.9 pH
◉ Yellow lemon → 8.2 pH
◉ Avocado – pH 15.6
◉ Garlic – pH 13.2
◉ Mango – pH 8.7
◉ Mandarin – pH 8.5
◉ Pineapple – 12.7 pH
◉ Watercress – 22.7 pH
◉ Oranges –

DO NOT keep this information just for yourself, give it to all your family and friends.
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Important Message for all

The hot water you drink is good for your throat. But this corona virus is hidden behind the paranasal sinus of your nose for 3 to 4 days. The hot water we drink does not reach there. After 4 to 5 days this virus that was hidden behind the paranasal sinus reaches your lungs. Then you have trouble breathing.
That’s why it is very important to take steam, which reaches the back of your paranasal sinus. You have to kill this virus in the nose with steam.
At 50°C, this virus becomes disabled i.e. paralyzed. At 60°C this virus becomes so weak that any human immunity system can fight against it. At 70°C this virus dies completely.
This is what steam does.

One who stays at home should take steam once a day. If you go to the market to buy vegetables, take it twice a day. Anyone who meets some people or goes to office should take steam 3 times a day.

Forward this to all your loved ones.

Steam week
According to doctors, Covid -19 can be killed by inhaling steam from the nose and mouth, eliminating the Coronavirus. If all the people started a steam drive campaign for a week, the pandemic will soon end. So here is a suggestion:

  • Start the process for a week morning and evening, for just 5 minutes each time, to inhale steam. If all adopt this practice for a week the deadly Covid-19 will be erased.
    This practice has no side effects either.
    So please send this message to all your relatives, friends and neighbours, so that we all can kill this corona virus together and live and walk freely in this beautiful world. *Thank you*

You are welcome to send this to your known groups / friends.

Totally Lookdown Coming Soon From Monday This time, nobody will be allowed to step out of home except for emergencies.

This time, nobody will be allowed to step out of home except for emergencies, said a statement from the Press Information Department (PID) yesterday evening.

Later, Farhad Hossain, state minister for public administration, told The Daily Star that members of the army and the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) along with the police would be deployed to ensure proper enforcement of the lockdown.


In all previous announcements relating to the curbs, it had talked about imposing restrictions on public and traffic movement.


Asked what they meant by a complete shutdown, Prof Mohammad Sahidullah, chief of the NTAC, said, “It means all should stay home. Everything will be closed except for emergency services.”


“All vehicles, excluding those carrying essential goods, will be kept off the roads. Only ambulances and vehicles used for providing health services will be allowed to run,” said the statement.


The lockdown was announced hours after the health directorate reported 108 deaths from Covid-19, the second highest daily deaths in the country since the first coronavirus case was confirmed in March last year.


The positivity rate also jumped to 21.22 percent yesterday, the highest in the last 69 days. On April 17, the infection rate was 21.46 percent, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).


The country is already going through “restrictions on public and vehicular movement”, which were announced on June 16 and are to continue till July 15.

Besides, restrictions on public and vehicular movement were imposed in seven districts around Dhaka on June 21 by the Cabinet Division to guard the capital against the virus.


According to a government notification, all tourist spots, resorts, community and entertainment centres must remain closed, and all types of public gatherings are banned.



Experts said the second wave of the pandemic continued in the country with the spillover of the Delta variant of the virus from India into the bordering districts.

As Bangladesh is set to be put under a complete lockdown, hospitals in the bordering districts totter due to a crisis of beds and other supports as cases continue to surge.


In Khulna, the three Covid-19-dedicated hospitals were overflowing with patients. At least seven people died and 176 cases were reported there yesterday .

In Satkhira, at least eight people died either with Covid-19 or its symptoms in 24 hours preceding 8:00am yesterday, while hospitals keep grappling with patients.


“The pressure of Covid-19 patients is so high that we have to keep patients on the hospital floor amid a shortage of beds,” said Dr Qudrat-E-Khuda, superintendent of Satkhira Medical College Hospital.

“Currently, 180 such patients are admitted in this hospital. Of them, 142 tested positive. The rest were showing Covid-19-like symptoms,” said Taposh Kumar Sarker, resident medical officer of the hospital.


“Due to a shortage of beds in the hospital, a large number of Covid-19 patients are now staying in isolation at home. If they do not follow the quarantine rule, the situation will worsen further,” said Abdul Momen, superintendent of the hospital.

In Patuakhali, the infection rate was 42.85 percent on Thursday, said Dr Jahangir Alam, civil surgeon of the district.


[Our correspondents in those districts contributed to this report]