European Union (EU) Commissioner for International Partnerships, Commissioner

European Union (EU) Commissioner for International Partnerships, Commissioner

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European Union (EU) Commissioner for International Partnerships, Commission Jutta Urpilainen called on me at the Ministry of Energy earlier today.

Our discussions were deeply around Ghana’s energy future especially within the context of global advocacy for energy transition.

Whilst welcoming support for Ghana’s energy sector, I indicated quite frankly that our country does not want to be confronted with stranded assets and therefore we are strategically planning to overcome the challenges imposed by the energy transition agenda and to move with the rest of the world towards cleaner energy.

I added that we will do this at our pace cognizant of the fact that we are not as resourced as the developed countries.

I also told the delegation of our quest to develop and utilise cleaner energy resources such as solar, wind, hydro and nuclear among others, as well as the Ministry of Energy’s efforts at developing a National Energy Transition Plan to guide the country.
I further reiterated our commitment to the Paris Agreement as well as other international protocols which require us to achieve net zero carbon emission by 2050. We will thus strategise to steer our country towards a low carbon economy while ensuring economic growth.

I am of the firmest conviction that Ghana could leverage on revenues from our indigenous oil and gas resources to develop the renewable or cleaner energy the world advocates for, in pursuit of the progress and prosperity of our people.