Bodybuilding Is Not only For Men? Here Are Some Stunning Photos Of Female Body Builders

Whoever says bodybuilding is only for men must be a liar.

And if you think women who do bodybuilding aren’ t attractive, it cannot be the case.

Bodybuilding is undoubtedly, a sport often associated with men and while there are actually women who do bodybuilding, they are stereotyped as masculine and hence unattractive.

But since women began bodybuilding, there are those who proved that a woman can be attractive, looking s£xy, even with all those bulging muscles.

Modern female bodybuilding began in the late 1970s ane women in the sport have often been accused by some of trying to look like men.

It’ s a fact that the world keep evolving. Not long ago, women couldn’ t vote nor own property but women nowadays can be doctors, lawyers, Presidents.

So women can as well train to develop physiques with a lot of aesthetic muscle and become competitive bodybuilders.

The only difference between the genders is aesthetics. That is, the physical structure of the female body is different from that of the male, so aesthetic standards will definitely be different.

And if bodybuilding judges need to be told that there is a genetic, structural difference between women and men, they are probably not qualified to be judges.

It is also true that the training it takes for a woman to become a champion bodybuilder is pretty much the same as that of a male champion.

With physiological differences, it’ s harder for women to build upper body mass and to get really lean and defined.

But over the years, some women have been able to develop quality bodybuilding physiques in spite of the obstacles they face in the field.

In fact, the difference in body size between most men and women in general is about 13%. But the top male bodybuilders can weigh 100 lbs. or more compared to the women.

So, it’ s a fair conclusion that bodybuilding doesn’ t make the male and between the genders greater!

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Sticker Songs_Nose_(Prod By Master Kay Beatz)

New Baddest song from sticker songs which was produce by master Kay Beatz and the song is an tittle *NOSE*.

Sticker Songs_Nose_(Prod By Master Kay Beatz)


Sad: Another Lovely Woman Commits Suicide After Leaving A Note

HomeEntertainment NewSad: Another Lovely Woman Commits Suicide After Leaving A Notes  Sad: Another Lovely Woman Commits Suicide After Leaving A Note

Herty, a lovely young woman, has sadly entered the bandwagon by taking her own life. Herty had left a disturbing message in a group they all belonged to and her WhatsApp status, saying good bye to her parents, in a post posted by one of her friends. Herty 

This post prompted her friends to call her right away to see if everything was okay. Her male friends even spoke to her until dawn, but whatever was bothering Herty seemed to be bigger than her. She tragically took her own life, and her friends and loved ones are all reeling from the tragedy.

No matter how bad things are in your life, remember that suicide will not make things better! Before it’s too late, speak with others.

Below is the last post she sent before she committed suicide.

Pastor caught sleeping with pregnant married woman at 4 am [WATCH]

According to a K24Digital publication, Kakamega, a Kenyan pastor from Lugari, was found hands down in bed at 4 am with a neighbor’s wife on Thursday. The woman who was reported to be 7 months pregnant husband had traveled when she was warming up her husband’s bed with another man.

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The study reported that at 4 a.m., the woman’s husband came home unannounced and found Pastor Peter Afagara in bed with his wife in Mukuyu, Mautuma, Lugari Sub-County. The husband of the woman claimed he was evidently told while he was not present, his wife was secretly seeing the priest.

“On Wednesday night, I travelled to Lugari from Nakuru without alerting my wife. At 4am, I went home unannounced, and caught the pastor in the act with my partner,” the woman’s husband said. After the frustrating development, the husband forwarded the news about the predicament to the elders of the community.

The wife and husband who stood before the elders’ council accused each other for the wife accuse her husband of desertion. Pastor Peter Afagara, on the other side, was confessed to wrongdoing and asked for forgiveness.

The Council of Elders ordered that Peter, the priest, should pay a fine to the husband as punishment, even though the husband insisted on divorcing his wife.

Kindly watch the video below.

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I hate to see talent waste away – Kofi Kinaata opens up on investing in football

Ghanaian musician, Kofi Kinaata says his love for football is what cheered him to form two football teams to help talented players in Takoradi. The ‘Susuka’ hitmaker told JoyNews’ Becky in an interview that he owns Move FC, a colts club and Effiekuma Move FC, a third division club, both based in Sekondi-Takoradi.

“We have a team and we will be competing in the juvenile level. We have under 13, 15 and third division. It all started with my football background and love for the game.

According to the multiple award-winning artiste, “Growing up in Efikuma, the only source of entertainment is playing football and that explains why we have lots of parks around.” He added he hates to see talents go to waste.”

“I hate to see talents go to waste, like people playing without any push from nowhere. I motivate them by buying them football boots though they’re not signed, I tried to push them and later I decide to take it to the next level so I decided to make it a football team so I know they are under my care”.

Born Martin King Arthur, Kofi Kinaata is a musician and songwriter from Takoradi in the Western Region.

He is noted for his unique lyricism and freestyles in the Fante dialect which has earned him the name ‘Fante Rap God.’

Apart from his rap prowess, he has grown into a very good singer taking the highlife genre by storm.

Kofi Kinaata recently bagged an ambassadorial deal with Enterprise Insurance Company.

His recently released song ‘Thy Grace’ is receiving massive airplay across the country.

Watch the video below,


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