Some people normally says Life is How it is, but i tell You that Life sometimes based on Previlage.

Dou you think a rich man will get drunk like this? No! Never! But we Poor people enjoy being Drunk due to release Tension of our Poverty.

As am talking to you now, People have set Table with win and soft drinks with high payment but He is Okambu drunk with Apeteshi.


KKB Homecoming and its Happiness Reach the Limit.


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Good morning Sir.From:Desupol Sunyani (.)Murder (.)On 20/08/21 at about 2210 hours,


Good morning Sir.
From:Desupol Sunyani (.)
Murder (.)
On 20/08/21 at about 2210 hours, Thomas Adjei aged 56 year a driver of H/No. J1/18 Abesim came to the station(.)


He reported that same day at about 1730 hours his step son Richard Appiah came in for his son Louis Agyemang Junior aged 12 years to his house and the son has since not returned(.) That same day around 2300 hours the complainant and his four brothers arrested and brought to the station suspect Richard Appiah


aged 28 years and an architect/Surveyor on suspicion of knowing the whereabouts of his son (.) Police together with the complainant and suspect proceeded to the house where suspect resides at Alaska near Abesim(.) Surprisingly police found deceased lying in a supine position in one of the rooms(.) The Crime Scene Mgt team led by the Regional Crime officer Supt. Kennedy Adusei and the Sunyani District Commander Dsp Francis Humado conducted a thorough search in the house(.) The search unveiled another dead body having been cut into pieces and kept in a double door fridge in one of the rooms(.)


The second deceased was identified to police as one Stephen Sarpong aged 15years(.) Bodies have since been sent to the Mentukwa private mortuary for preservation and autopsy as regional and Municipal mortuaries are full(.) Further development will be communicated, please (.)
D/Sgt Benjamin Lartey i/c case (.)


VGMA National Music Summit: We have to make culture a big deal-Mark Okraku Mantey – EweGhana


VGMA National Music Summit: We have to make culture a big deal-Mark Okraku Mantey - EweGhanaVGMA National Music Summit: We have to make culture a big deal-Mark Okraku Mantey – EweGhanaHomeLocal NewsPolitics


 0 DJ CASTINO-0247064569 Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Deputy Minister designate for Tourism, Art and Culture Mark Okraku Mantey has asked all Ghanaian content creators to project the culture of Ghana.Xzone – Atemuda ft Yarw Teasy, Lucky Bornstar and -EweGhanaThis is why SHATTA WALE is trending no.1 in Ghana – EweGhana ( watch video below)Hitz Fmโ€™s Dr. Pounds got married today and is all over Ghana. watch some memorable moments below.๐Ÿ‘‡
Deputy Minister designate for Tourism, Art and Culture Mark Okraku Mantey has asked all Ghanaian content creators to project the culture of Ghana.
He said this at the Maiden edition of VGMAโ€™s National Music Summit held this Monday at the Conference Center Accra.


He says Government will be pursuing policies intended to help promote the music eco-system in the country.
Highlighting on the basic things discovered by the Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture to get the music industry better, Mark Okraku Mantey mentioneเผ™dเผ™ that, the industry needs training and education.
He promised to embark on capacity building sessions and master classes with both local and international facilitators in the next three and half years to help give the necessary training and education the music industry needs.
Mark added that, the government is putting up a creative school in Kumasi precisely Kwadaso to support the young ones coming.
He also made mention of infrastructure as one of the basic things they will be putting right.
The third point he raised was marketing. โ€œThere is going to be National agenda to network with all other agencies across the world so that our creative people gets to identify where they can get the market he saidโ€.
Mark Okraku Mantey revealed that, industry practitioners alone cannot make it happen when it comes to policies; they need government and so the creative arts bill has been passed by the government and the office is going to get into action pretty soon.


National Film Authority is also in operation. He said, โ€œGAMRO, ASORG, Copy Ghana have a peculiar challenge especially with those who used to use blank levy as ways of collecting some revenues for their hard workโ€
So they must amend the law to be able to make Rex Omar and his people more powerful and get a degree of acceptance.ย 


Mark Okraku Mantey strongly believes that changing the policy is the right thing that will put them on their feet.
He ended by highlighting on his vetting and the need to remember Ghanaโ€™s agenda anytime we are creating contents.ย 
We need to include Ghanaโ€™s culture in whatever we do to project it to the world he added.


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President Akufo-Addo Finally Reacts To Captain Smart’s Dismissal Saga

President Nana Akufo-Addo has finally reacted to the Captain Smart dismissal saga where it was said that some government officials pressured the CEO of Angel FM to take the broadcast juornalist.

Speaking at UCC congregation where a Doctor of philosophy degree in Educational Leadership, he stated that he has always been a fighter of press freedom, individual freedom and media freedom and for that reason canโ€™t allow the press to be suppress under his administration.

He noted that his love for press freedom made the RTI bill which has been passed under his government a possibility despite successive governments shying away from it.

โ€Indeed I dare say the means to get your voice heard has never been so democratize as now and long may it lastโ€, he stated.

He noted that as someone who has been at the forefront of fighting for press freedom during his early days as a politician there is no way his government will turn his back at that same press.

Obviously the President is of the view that his government isnโ€™t suppressing the press.


    12The president is right, the media of today are arrogant ,disrespectful and have resorted to insulting instead of educating and entertaining. Today anyone can sit on the radio, television stations and on the internet and insult respectable people in our society and he will get people to hail him or her. If you criticize their work,they will say culture of silence.More


    7 replies
  • ThomasNunyanu_0114h

    8The dog that is trained to. Bark at strangers will one day bark at the master if there no strangers The media chatised ndc at the behest of npp for so long. Now the meat is gone. Npp it is your turn to bear cooly the brunt of the same media which sang hosana for you.MoreReply

    4 replies
  • AbubakarSaeed_0614h

    8what ever the president said are lies I mean the opposite of what Nana Addo says is the truth. he told us he believes in the rule of law and later we saw what happened at West wagon and what did he do? we saw what happened at Ashanti Region with regards to the regional security officer what did he do?we saw what happened to DCOP Nanka Brews at the seat of Falstaff house what did he do? Pls you can’t afford to trust this president and his arrogant people. If you make mistake and criticise him is either you would be sacked and suspended. Nana Addo doesn’t believe in democracy but autocracyMoreReply

    5 replies
  • KwabiHanson9h

    7NANA ADDO don’t mind stomach journalists freedom of speech doesn’t mean you should talk and report rubbish. some of the journalists we have in this country are just noins makers including carptine smart. NANA ADDO please leave him alone, if he is a man enough he should go and find himself another job after all no man is born to do one job through out his life. as he was bragging he should find himself another job. he is a complete woman and not a man.MoreReply

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