Some people normally says Life is How it is, but i tell You that Life sometimes based on Previlage.

Dou you think a rich man will get drunk like this? No! Never! But we Poor people enjoy being Drunk due to release Tension of our Poverty.

As am talking to you now, People have set Table with win and soft drinks with high payment but He is Okambu drunk with Apeteshi.


KKB Homecoming and its Happiness Reach the Limit.


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EDUCATIONE:..ducation Director ranks BISECO most disciplined SHS in AEED


Education Director ranks BISECO most disciplined school in AEED

The Ajumako Enyan Essiam District Education Directorate has taken time to ensure practices in schools are in sync with policies governing the teaching profession. It is for this reason that comprehensive inspection has been mounted in all Senior High Schools under the able supervision of Mrs. Sabina Aba Wilson, District Director?.

The inspection Team

A team of 8 officers led by Mr Martin Bekoe rounded up the exercise in Bisease Senior High School on Wednesday, April 21,2021.

During a debriefing session around 4 pm yesterday, Mr Michael Rockson, secretary to the team undressed their observations in the full view of staff of the school.

Areas checked included, but not limited to teachers attendance, pedagogical skills exhibited during instructional hours, administration-teacher-teacher-student relationship, the environment, teachers output of work and students punctuality.

He could not hide their satisfaction for the day.
โ€œBiseco scores highest on our ranking for being the most disciplined school among the five SHS in the district where similar exercise has gone on.โ€

In reaction to why SHS teachers needed to prepare lesson plans, he clarified, that it was for the teacherโ€™s own good; to stay on track, get the best of activities and teaching and learning materials, get someone to handle a class as perfect as the original teacher, in his absence โ€ He was emphatic as the core points only give facts, which prepare students for exams.โ€ โ€œWe must shift from teacher centred lessons to have the students in focus instead,โ€ he added.

Mr Rockson passed a satisfactory note on adherence of Covid-19 protocols by the rank and file of the school. He climaxed his turn with a plea for all teachers who were in the system before 2018 to register with their details on the NTC platform for the teacher licence
โ€œlicensing of existing teachers begins in no time. Teachers must participate by registering on the NTC portal. Government paid for this with the teacher professional allowance, so do not be expecting additional payments.โ€

Mr. Martin Bekoe, District HR and leader of the team indicated, that integrity, respect for authority and team cohesion are indispensable qualities teachers ought to work on.
โ€œwithout team work, Biseco will not keep shining. Letโ€™s adore integrity to safeguard our reputation. Respecting authority in this school has contributed to the level of discipline and cooperation weโ€™ve witnessed today.โ€

Mrs. Sabina Aba Wilson ,DD

District Director of Education, Mrs. Sabina Aba Wilson in her usual humility โ€œI will add my voice to the call for diligence and commitment, our policy ensures that teachers in second cycle schools take a minimum of 18 periods weekly. Only assistant heads are to have 12 periods due to extra duties they may have to perform.โ€
โ€œYou have impressed us with the level of output of work, serenity of environment, and comportment.โ€ she praised.
She urged the staff to follow due procedure in seeking permission to stay away from work, especially when sick.

Mr Afari Sackey, HM

In his closing remarks, Mr Afari Sackey, head of the school expressed his pride in his colleagues and put before the team a worrying challenge.
โ€œThe glory of the palm tree is in its fronds. Iโ€™m so glad receiving such comments from the team. Colleagues, until today, many of us may not have an idea how our collective efforts is moving the school forward.โ€

He praised his predecessors for such precedence he had inherited.

Madam, he continued, โ€
We recently visited GES headoffice, introduced ourselves as management of Bisease Senior High School and we were not recognisedโ€

Staff of BISECO

Staff of BISECO

Mr Afari explained. โ€œThe school has four different names up there at the Headquarters. Teachers here have been grouped into two on the pay roll. By this medium, we would visit you for directives to acquire at least one of the names we are known for up there.โ€ He concluded.

Full list if the District inspectorate team

Sabina Aba Wilson โ€“ District Director

Martin Bekoe โ€“ District HR

Daniel Annani โ€“ District PRO

Patricia Klutse โ€“ second cycle Coordinator

Kofi Osuan Graham (Rev.) โ€“ District PE coord.

Michael Rockson -District Training Officer

Bright Benjamin Mokwa -SISO(Bisease)

Ali Gyabare โ€“ District ICT officer

That Nice