I Will Not Worship Your God- Kwesi Pratt Descends On Nana Addo Over National Cathedral

In a fit of rage, Kwesi Pratt spat out some facts and disclosed that the cathedral is irrelevant. He indicated in this declaration that he will not worship the cathedral’s deity for these reasons. Kwesi Pratt has opposed the construction of the cathedral ever since it was first proposed.

He has done his utmost to oppose the cathedral, but it appears that Nana Addo and his pastors are unwilling to behave what Ghanaians do. He disclosed that if there is land on which to construct the cathedral, it should be virgin territory, such as the Achimota Forest and numerous other virgin woods.

Kwesi Pratt declared, “I will not worship your God if your God instructs you to starve his people while you construct him a house.” Kwesi Pratt asserts that it is impossible for the God he was taught to adore in Sunday school to accomplish such a thing.

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