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Kwaku Manu’s before and after fame photos cause stir on social media

Kwaku Manu: Then vs Now Photo Source: @kwakumanubob
Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu has stirred the internet with a previously released throwback photo.

This time, he paired the old photo with a recent one, comparing his life before his career as an actor to his current lifestyle.

In the first picture, a teenage Kwaku Manu wore a worn-out t-shirt and a pair of trousers with white rubber sandals.

In the photo, he carried three sacks and was coming from one of his ‘galamsey’ trips. However, in the second picture, Kwaku Manu is spotted outside Ghana in a white Balenciaga t-shirt on a pair of jeans and brown high-top sneakers.

Captioning his post, he wrote: God has done much for me but don’t laugh. If you have a picture like this and you believe yourself, post it.

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