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Drivers in Ajumako demonstrate against authority for unfair treatment.

A group of drivers in Ajumako in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District in Central Region has demonstrated against the for lack of parking space at the station.


The group which calls themselves “Nkwantanum-Abaasa Drivers Association” are mostly taxi drivers who ply their trade from Ajumako to Mankessim and Enyan Abaasa.

They claim that the District Chief Executive (DCE), Hon Rev Ransford Kwesi Nyarkoh has instructed the police to drive them away from the place they park their cars for booking.

They added that, in spite of the challenges, they pay a road levy with an inscription “Lorry Park Ticket” on the ticket, hence the District Assembly should provide a place for them.

The leadership in an interview with the media has given the authority one week to address their issue.

In his response, Hon Ransford Kwesi Nyarkoh said this issue has lingered for a longer period and any attempt to resolve has been unsuccessful.

He said the drivers have refused to comply to the directives giving them in their previous engagement with the GPRTU and Co-operative Drivers Unions.

He continued that these drivers are not part of the recognisable drivers unions, and that their activities are creating a lot of mess in the Ajumako central business area.

“Putting their messy parking aside, they also fight for passengers with the drivers who have their cars on scale”, the DCE said to the media.

He reiterated his commitment to strictly enforce the rules to ensure that the road in Ajumako will be cleared for easily vehicular movement.

“We will not take away their means of putting food on the table. We will keep engaging them but I can state with all confidence that we will not permit such level of indiscipline” he reiterated.

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